Launch Services

Have you been dreaming of starting a podcast but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’re well into the project but feeling overwhelmed about the complexities of actually launching? No matter where you are in your process, we can help you launch your podcast stress-free!

For those interested in a DIY approach, we offer an ‘Empowerment Package’. Here you receive 1-on-1 training in everything you need to know to launch your podcast on your own. If you are looking for a full-service solution, select the ‘Turnkey Package”, sit back, and watch your podcast launch like magic!

Launch package #1
Empowerment Package


A six week, one-on-one coaching program to empower you to launch your podcast independently.

Our kick-off session is an opportunity for you to share the mission and vision of your podcast so we can brainstorm options for the show’s structure, format and feel. We discuss your shows artwork, theme music, intro/outro and any potential ads, so you can get started creating or resourcing these essential elements.

We discuss all of your equipment and software needs and determine which products are the best fit for your project, existing tech infrastructure, and budget. You will leave this session with recommendations for a complete set-up that you can purchase in time for the following week’s ‘Recording’ session.

This is an in-depth training session. We check the connections and settings of your recording hardware and software, teach you proper mic technique, review all aspects of the pre and post recording sequences, brainstorm how to optimize your recording space, and make a test recording. If you do not already have your first episode recorded, this will be your homework for the following week!

We provide training on podcast post-production: how to create your show’s editing template; editing, mixing and mastering basics; and ID3 tagging. You will not become a pro audio engineer overnight, but you will get a solid foundation here. This week your homework is the post-production of your first episode!

You will receive feedback on your first episode and we can zoom in any challenges that came up during the production process. We also explore hosting options, learn how to create your RSS feed, and how to apply to the major podcast directories for publishing.

Now that your podcast has come to life, we look at the next level of the project. If you already have a website, we discuss creating a dedicated podcast home page as well as individual episode pages. If not, we look at options for using the hosting platform’s automated site or creating a streamlined podcast site from scratch. We also cover project management for resource organization, progress tracking and collaboration with team members.

launch package #2
Turnkey Package


A full service podcast launch. Give us six weeks and the raw audio of your first episode and we’ll deliver your podcast to the world!

Here we discuss your show’s format and structure and strategize about your:

  • Intro/outro
  • Theme music
  • Artwork
  • Trailer episode

We assess what hardware and software you may need to purchase and follow up with recommendations based on your budget. 


We also discuss your recording environment to make sure it is optimized for audio quality and provide training on any aspects of the recording process required.

If you already have theme music selected, we incorporate it into your show’s mix. If you do not have theme music yet, we ask you to give us a feel for what type of music you’d like by providing up to three samples. 

Within a week we will return to you with three royalty-free options to choose from. Once you’ve made your selection, we direct you towards the resource to purchase the properly licensed track. Theme music ranges in cost: $30 and up.

If you would like to commission custom theme music from our in-house composer, we can provide for an additional $500 fee.

We generally recommend you voice your own intro and outro, and will edit and mix these recordings for you. However, if you would like to hire professional voiceover talent, we will subcontract this service for you based on the tone and feel of the voice that best fits your show.

We assist you in developing your podcast’s cover art based on the industry’s standard specs. You provide us with your images and we put together three sample designs for you to choose from.

After discussing your options for services and plans, we register you with a hosting platform under your name and billing so that you have permanent access. We set up permissions so that our team can access your host in order to get everything properly set up.

 We edit, mix and master your show’s trailer.

We create show notes for your trailer episode that can be used as a template for subsequent episodes.

Show notes provide an episode summary that is perfect for a blog post: paragraph intro; time-stamped, bulleted list of highlights, and a separate list of resources mentioned in the episode, complete with links.

We also create an audiogram, which is a short video teaser formatted to post to social media that you can use to promote your show/episodes.

We create your RSS feed via your hosting service, which is the unique identifier that automatically ‘feeds’ your episodes to your subscribers every time they publish.

We submit your podcast to all the major podcast directories for approval. Similar to hosting, we set the accounts up under your own name and billing for permanent access.

We help you integrate your podcast as a web page on your existing website, or set up a free, automated podcast website for you through your hosting service.

Design and build of a customized website is available for an additional fee.

We provide you with the template for our in-house podcast post-production project management system on Trello, which has been developed for maximum efficiency and is guaranteed to save you tons of time and headaches!