Who is Seedpod Sound?

Seedpod Sound’s founder, Tatiana Irvine, began her career in sound as a field recordist, traveling the globe to record traditional music, oral histories, urban soundscapes and nature sounds. She produced documentary work from these recordings for radio, film, museum installations and multi-media projects funded by diverse organizations including the The National Endowment for the Humanities, The National Science Foundation and The Soundwalk Collective.

Tatiana continued to expand professionally by training journalists and ethnographers in documentary audio production, working as a preservation engineer in several major sound archives and editing numerous long-form audio documentaries, including the award-winning Sonic Memorial Soundwalk, a collaboration between Soundwalk and The Kitchen Sisters.

When podcasting emerged as a new form, Tatiana was immediately converted, as it satisfied her love of both independent learning and sound-rich, narrative storytelling. The unique freedom of podcasting as a platform unbound by the conventions of more established formats inspired Tatiana to create Seedpod Sound. Here her gifts as an audio producer and consultant have merged to help podcasters produce their work at the highest possible level.